The Portland Naturalist

The Portland Naturalist

Monday, 22 July 2013

Fog it!

Last night, we were treated to the most amazing thunder and lightning show, as the first rain fell for several weeks.  It wasn't a great deal, but boy does the grass need it.  The day then started like any other day in terms of weather, but, as I set out down to the Bill after work, an extraordinary sea fog rolled in.  That was seawatching stuffed.  What to do then?

Well, first I had a look at the moth highlights from last night.  The best was Fen Wainscot, which I haven't seen since I first used a moth trap, in Yorkshire in 2006.  A pretty bland species though!

The other top moth was the much more patterned Campion.
I decided that the only course of action was a walk around top fields, in the hope of any migrants.  A view of the Obs (can you spot it?) from the top of Culverwell.
At the top, there was a good number of hirundines flying about, including about 30 Sand Martin and 10 House Martin.  Apart from that, my entire walk, which included going past the Southwell Business Park, produced no other birds of interest at all.  So, it was up to the butterflies, which were still active in the moist conditions, to entertain.  I found the most patterned Lulworth Skipper yet (presumably a female?).

My first Small Copper of the year was found.

Add to that the likes of Comma, Peacock, Marbled White, Large Skipper etc, but I also found this Knot-grass moth larvae munching away at an Agrimony plant (notice the remains of it's last moult below).

And I also found this wacky Weevil.  Wish I knew the species.

It's still foggy as I write, and apparently, we are in for a downpour tonight.  Excellent.


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