The Portland Naturalist

The Portland Naturalist

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Patchwork Guilt

Ever since I completed the map of my patch shape for the Patchwork competition, I've felt awfully guilty that it contained long, thin, connecting lines.  Not against the rules (though should be in my opinion), but not the 'done' thing.
I thought long and hard about the best thing to do, and decided rather than just moving the long lines onto paths and roads, I'd totally re-think my patch. 
The main areas that I felt I had to include were Ferrybridge, and the area around my flat in Weston.  As these are fairly far apart anyway, there was nothing I could do but make the area fairly linear.  And, I also then had a load of extra space to play with.  So, despite the continued presence of connecting lines, I hope everyone will agree that my new patch is an improvement on the last attempt.  My patch name will change to North Portland.
Okay, so I'll see less species than my last patch shape, of that there is no doubt.  But, I like a challenge!
The other good thing about this patch, is that I'm no longer in direct competition with Joe Stockwell (a small bit of overlap).  Instead we can both find our own stuff, and cover more ground!
The area includes:
  • Ferrybridge
  • Portland Castle
  • Castletown
  • Verne Common
  • Tilleycombe
  • Old Hill
  • Chesil Cove
  • Tout Quarry
  • Bowers Quarry
  • A small bit of High Angle Battery
  • East Weares (Keith will be pleased!)
  • Bumpers Lane
  • Bottomcombe and Perryfields
  • Penn Castle Woods
  • Suckthumb, Reap, and Barleycrates complex
  • Blacknor
I'm already loving this patch, as I've had a brilliant start, and up to 81 species already!

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