The Portland Naturalist

The Portland Naturalist

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Enter Stringman

While this blog takes a break as I rack up noteworthy sightings, here's a little recess.  One for fans of Metallica, as well as Gyr Crakes.

Wish I had the facilities to record it in a similar way to Mr Crakes, but sadly not. You'll have to sing it yourselves!

Enter Stringman

Sung to ''Fuel'' by Metallica.

Gimme Hume’s, gimme Gyr
Gimme that which I desire

Turn around, I see red
Was it on the tail or on the head?
I get another glimpse in the nettle bed
And I see red

I also saw black and white
More buff, more red
Flush’em man, now in flight
More black and white

Ohh, and I heard
Skulking in the bushes
Calling clear, loud and clean
And I heard
Sounding rather yankee
Quench my thirst for rarities

So gimme Hume’s, gimme Gyr
Gimme that which I desire

No! I Observe this bird alone
Put out news, seek out help
Pager-watchers will leave home

Here come Twitchers, looking to thrash
Here’s Webb, Bagnall
And Mr Evans way too fast
Yeah lists way too fast, fast, fast, woh

Ohh, and it shows
Hopping from the bushes
Birders turn, stare, at me

Ohh, and I watch
Turns in my direction,
It’s a bloody Reed Bunting

So, gimme Hume’s, gimme Gyr
Gimme that which I desire

Not even a Twite

Gimme Hume’s,
Gimme Gyr
My desire

Ooh, I learn
Twitchers aren’t for messin’
They call loud, loose and clean

Then they burn
Turning my direction
‘Stringer’ they label me!

So, Gimme Hume’s, Gimme Gyr
Gimme that which I desire, yeah

Ohh, Stringer!

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